College and Career Readiness Definition Work

In May, Oregon formally adopted a definition for College and Career Readiness. Click here to download the definition (PDF).

Defining College and Career Readiness: Background developments related to the development of the definition

One of the goals of the Core to College grant is to develop a shared and consistent statewide definition of the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary for postsecondary readiness in Oregon.  This work builds on prior work in the state related to identifying the skills and knowledge that students need to be prepared for life beyond K-12 education.

Additional background information is available on our Resources page 

Working timeline:

  •  Project Focus development by Alignment Director and Steering Committee, September 2012
  •  Refinement of Focus with Chief Instructional Administrators of Oregon’s community colleges, November 2012
  • Formation of College and Career Readiness Task Forces on Oregon campuses, December 2012-January 2013
  • Development of draft definitions by each task force, February 2013
  • Statewide convening to review draft definitions and begin synthesis process, March 15 2013
  • Formal adoption by OEIB (May 2014).

Definition development materials:

  • Draft College Content-Readiness Definition and Policy Framework of Smarter Balanced (PDF)
  • David Conley, “A Complete Definition of College and Career Readiness” (PDF)
  • Career Readiness Partnership Council, “Building Blocks for Change: What it Means to be Career Ready” (PDF)
  • Oregon Core to College Project Focus (PDF)
  • Karen Marrongelle CCSS alignment presentation from March 15, 2013 meeting (PPT)(PDF)
  • Dan Lange Presentation March 15, 2013 (PPT)(PDF)
  • FAQ (pdf)